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Basic Card Check for SafeCom G4

  • 03-10-2019
  • SafeCom
  • Marco Jansen
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In this short recording we like to show you how easy it is to do a basic card check yourself with our Nuance Reader Maintainer Tool, Nuance Microcard reader and customer cards/tags/fobs.

We all know that we are using Nuance Microcard readers, which means the readers will read all card technologies supported. This will be the same for all other card reader manufacturers.

In our wallets we have multiple cards with contactless cards, we mostly have a mobile phone with NFC.
These all can cause readings, which we actually don't like to have as it will cause failed authentications with the wrong card numbers.

To understand the different card technologies the customer is using we need to do a card check to be 100% sure that there is one unique identifier per card and it will not have a new output value per card swipe.

You will have to check the card technology used via 'Read Project Card Type' and when you actually like to see the output that we send to SafeCom (or another software package) you then need to use 'Test Reader Configuration'. The column 'Number (Configuration Dependent)' will show you the value.

It is also good to know that you only will hear a beep and the led flashing green after a card swipe when you are using 'Test Reader Configuration'. This will not happen when you are using 'Read Project Card Type' .

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