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AutoStore , ControlSuite , Equitrac , Output Manager

ControlSuite Unified Client Simulator Technical Walk-Through

  • 05-03-2024
  • AutoStore , ControlSuite , Equitrac , Output Manager
  • Graham Keeble
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This video provides a brief overview of the ControlSuite Unified Client Simulator including an explanation of what it is, how to install & how to configure it. This tool is for demonstration use by Tungsten Automation authorised partners only.

One of ControlSuites major strengths is its array of embedded unified clients that really bring to life secure document release & capture at an MFD endpoint. Until now these features have been challenging if not impossible to fully demonstrate without having access to an MFD & often needed the audience to be in front of the device. With the ControlSuite Unified Client Simulator, you can now demonstrate a fully functional unified client from the desktop of your PC or laptop. Better still is the fact that the simulator communicates with a true ControlSuite installation meaning that it can drive real document release & capture workflows which as a result gives a better demonstration experience & also means it can be used for testing.

The ControlSuite Unified Client Simulator can be downloaded from the Tungsten Automation Marketplace via the link below:


Filename Description File size
This ZIP contains some example icons used within AutoStore in the This ZIP contains some example icons used within AutoStore in the video 276 kb