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eCopy ShareScan v6 - Content Security Demo

  • 22-01-2018
  • eCopy
  • Healthcare , Financial Services , Manufacturing , Legal , SMB , Education
  • Graham Keeble
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In this video we show a practical way to utilise the new content analysis feature found in eCopy ShareScan version 6.

In the two demostrations shown we are using a regular expression to look for a National Insurance number on a pay slip & to then take the appropriate action.

As well a regular expression the same process could be used to look for a particular word or even list of words.

Attached is a copy of the script used for this example that you could use for your own setups & demos.


Filename Description File size
Example Script For Demos Shown In The VideoeCopy ShareScan v6 Content Script Example Script For Demos Shown In The Video 1 kb