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Power PDF , SignDoc

Power PDF v4.1 Advanced SignDoc Integration Enhancements

  • 12-08-2021
  • Power PDF , SignDoc
  • Financial Services , Manufacturing , Legal , SMB , Banking & Insurance , Transportation & Logistics , Account Payable & Invoice Processing
  • Lee Trevallion
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The SignDoc (e-Signature) Integration feature has been enhanced in v4.1 of Kofax Power PDF Advanced. This integration allows for the quick and easy creation of documents for approval via the SignDoc e-Signature application without having to save and then upload them to a separate service. 

The new features allow for Signatures, Text boxes  or Check boxes to be added to the document. It is also possible to specify the type of signature you will accept such as uploaded signature, photo or printed name. When signing the document, an audit trail is created allowing for proof of who has signed / accepted the relevant parts of the document.

In this short video we demonstrate the enhancements and how easy it is to create documents and send them for e-Signature easily and efficiently from within Kofax Power PDF Advanced.

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